Brain Fitness Coaching


Brain Fitness coaching can help you improve daily functioning by addressing key areas necessary for optimal brain functioning. If you are looking to increase performance, recover from injury, improve cognitive functioning related to memory, attention, and learning, reduce stress, improve sleep, or you are looking for additional ways to manage mental health symptoms, you might consider a Brain Fitness coaching program.  

Brain Fitness by The Neurofeedback Center provides a safe, relaxing, non-judgmental environment where you can explore which areas of brain fitness are most important to you. We have a program designed to focus on 6 important areas of brain fitness which include:

Calm the brain-Self-regulation occurs through a variety of techniques. Learn how essential oils, mindfulness and neurofeedback increase the brain’s ability to calm and self-regulate.

Brain performance-learn about your brain and what optimal performance can mean for you in regards to attention, memory, and learning. Optimize your brain.

Rest your brain-Refresh your brain by getting quality sleep each night. Sleep environment and sleep hygiene are covered for all ages.

Feed your brain-focuses on nutrition, nutraceuticals and hydration, which are important for healthy brain function. Children, teens and adults all have different nutritional needs for a healthy brain.

Socialize your brain-Relate to others and enhance the ability to engage and socialize. We are social creatures and relationships are key to a healthy brain at all stages of life.

Grow your brain- learn more about neurogenesis, neuroplasticity and how these are important in all stages of life. Our brains are dynamic and are always changing and responding to our environment. Preventive care for the aging brain, grow your brain for your future self.

If you are looking to make changes to your brain health and have questions regarding our program, please contact for more information.

Disclaimer: Brain Fitness Coaching provided by The Neurofeedback Center is not a substitute for mental health care. We encourage you to continue care with your current health care provider(s) and should you need assistance in finding a mental healthcare provider, we can direct you to resources for mental health care in our community.