Neurofeedback for Cognitive Functionality 

The brain’s ability to learn from experience and environment is called Neuroplasticity, and this process influences change in our thinking, emotions, and behavior. Research confirms that our brains have neural plasticity our entire life. When we’re able to train our brains and improve its self-regulating functions, it becomes a lot easier to address the physical, mental, and emotional concerns of daily life—through all of its changes and stages.

ADHD & Autism

Individuals who have symptoms of ADHD and Autism often struggle with concerns related to emotional regulation, sensory processing, social skills, and learning difficulties. School is stressful, work is stressful, and performing daily tasks can be stressful. The stress then affects parents, siblings, and even relationships at school with peers and teachers.

Traditional methods of intervention include medication, counseling, tutoring, and occupational therapy. Neurofeedback training can help address the stress that accompanies both ADHD and Autism in an entirely different way. The training is approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics as a level one evidenced-based intervention for children with ADHD, and is widely accepted as a beneficial treatment process.

Research on the effectiveness of Neurofeedback has led many healthcare professionals to commend it as part of a comprehensive approach for managing stress and anxiety. Even better—Neurofeedback training does not interfere with the use of medications, and it does not change an individual’s personality. Rather, it helps with a person’s outlook, awareness, and maturity. These individuals perhaps have some of the biggest changes visible to others because they are no longer dealing with a mask of stress all the time. They are finally able to see the world clearly and function more efficiently.

When the brain is able to self-regulate and manage overwhelming stress, it becomes easier for an individual to regulate their sleep, behavior, and emotions. All of a sudden, learning and doing homework is easier, outbursts and meltdowns subside, and life becomes much more manageable for everyone.