Neurofeedback training supports heightened ability to focus and perform.

Neurofeedback training supports heightened ability to focus and perform.

Peak Performance

Peak performance relates to an enhanced ability to perform under pressure. The goal is to be able to remain calm and focused while attending to the task at hand. Some examples include college students or others taking entrance exams, athletes in high-concentration sports (such as golf, swimming, baseball and gymnastics), musicians, and business professionals.

Research shows that Neurofeedback training benefits sustained mental focus, clarity, and the ability to block out external stimuli to concentrate for a heightened level of performance.  Timing, precision, judgement are also factors that have been noted to improve with Neurofeedback training. 

Because Neurofeedback training works so effectively in helping our central nervous regulate our response to stress, business executives and professionals especially benefit from training. Sleep deprivation is common in these individuals, as are long work hours, and long hours of using computers and cell phones. In those situations, our brains do not get to “turn off” and relax often enough. Our brains were simply not designed to work the number of hours that we do in society today. 

Neurofeedback training trains the brain to relax and remain in a balanced state of homeostasis for optimal functioning. Peak performance training is the mental fitness workout we can all benefit from to keep our brain fit and flexible for high-level, cognitive functioning tasks.