2019 is the YEAR to make changes to your health and wellness that you have been putting off……..forever!

If you struggle with fatigue, drink too much caffeine, are addicted to sugar, suffer hormonal imbalance, skin has lost its glow, need to do gluten-free and have no idea where to begin, don’t understand the importance of“organic” food, feel confused about what diet is the best for you, AND…..you want to be healthy but struggle to find the time and energy to research or implement one more thing…

You are in the right place!

We offer 3 different programs to get you started

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4 week jump start

This program is for those who want to explore health coaching, try it out, and become inspired to start implementing some healthy changes to their life. We discuss goals, what it takes to change our habits and discuss how to avoid common roadblocks. This program includes individual coaching calls weekly for 4 weeks.


12 week motivator

The 12 week program is for those who are ready to commit to making some changes. We design a wellness vision, set weekly goals and a three month end goal. We discuss your current, past, and your future health and what role those play in your wellness vision. This program includes individual coaching calls weekly for 12 weeks.

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6 month makeover

This program is for those who want to make a lifestyle change by incorporating numerous changes to reach your vision of healthy. This program has weekly goals and support through multiple seasons to get an accurate look at what it will take for you to sustain the changes you want to make for your new healthy lifestyle. This program includes individual coaching calls weekly for 6 months.


All coaching programs come with the following:

  1. One weekly 30 minute coaching call.

  2. Weekly check on goals, progress, struggles and victories.

  3. Private Facebook group that will feature live video’s, support and encouragement from others who have enrolled in the same program, and access to signature content including how to read food labels, live grocery store tour and teach you how to do a pantry raid.

    *12 week Motivator and 6 month Makeover also include Monday-Friday email support and a Health History intake.

Those who have success in my program are:

Ready to make some changes in your life

Timely….show up on time for all weekly calls….I can’t help those who do not come!

Willing to dive deep into the “why” getting healthy is important to you!….you need to know this!

Understand that change takes time and you are ready to begin your journey!

This program is NOT for you if:

You are looking for a quick fix to getting healthy…does NOT exist by the way.

You only want recipes…there is more to being healthy than food.

You feel pressured to make changes but are not sure you are ready….that is ok, change is difficult.

You think you already know everything you need to be healthy….never stop learning from others.

SO, if you are ready to design what HEALTHY is for you….…I would LOVE to help you!



Get started in 3 easy steps:

  1. Schedule your FREE 30 minute consultation using the button below.

  2. During the call we can determine the plan that is best for you.

  3. You can schedule the first month of coaching sessions during your consultation.

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“Believe in yourself, take on your challenges, dig deep within yourself to conquer fears. Never let anyone bring you down. You got to keep going.” – Chantal Sutherland