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We offer a safe, convenient and affordable Neurofeedback training

program for children, teens and adults.

No Diagnosis, No brain mapping & Non-invasive     


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Impairments to memory, attention, focus, and learning, cause individuals to experience stress daily, which effect school and work performance. Neurofeedback training teaches the brain how it is functioning and allows the brain to learn how to self-regulate for optimal performance and functioning.


Sleep and rest are necessary for our body to recover from physical symptoms related to illness, stress and injury. Neurofeedback may support the body's ability to physically relax so the brain can enter the deep stages of restorative sleep our body requires for healing to occur. 


Emotions are powerful and real, and we all experience them differently. They affect our behavior and our responses to the environment and relationships. Neurofeedback is like exercise for the brain and may provide support for building resilience and improving flexibility, helping the brain to gain emotional control.

“Neurofeedback has improved my outlook and concentration, allowing me to perform better in school and be more disciplined with daily activities.”