Concussion and PTSD Client


“After suffering multiple concussions, Neurofeedback has immensely helped me increase my attentiveness and reaction time, while decreasing my irritability, anxiety and distractibility. I can now “push the pause button” for both anxiety and anger issues and introduce logic into my decision making instead of becoming intensely emotional.” 

Anxiety / Depression Client

“Neurofeedback has improved my outlook and concentration, allowing me to perform better in school and be more disciplined with daily activities.”

ADHD Client

“The changes in our son have been tremendous. He is less impulsive, his grades have improved, his teachers report he is listening and paying closer attention, less forgetful and emotional outbursts at the end of the day are very infrequent. Thank you for helping us!”  

Anxiety Client

“Our daughter is now able to attend sleepovers and have play dates without becoming stressed. She has even made some new friends at school and her teacher reports she is participating in class discussions. She gives us frequent hugs now and we are having conversations with ease. Her nail biting has decreased significantly. We can’t thank you enough for the changes we see in her. We love her smile and new found confidence.”

Sleep Client

“I have never been able to go to sleep at night, but I am now able to fall asleep and stay asleep. I used to wake up and be so tired, I had to nap right away and I felt tired all day. After 20 sessions, I can honestly say that I feel the best I ever have when I wake up each day. No more afternoon naps and I actually have energy throughout the day.”

Tinnitus Client

“I was skeptical of this training I have to admit, but the changes have proven me wrong. Although the ringing has not stopped altogether, I am able to tune it out and not focus on it as much. The biggest change has been my ability to sleep at night, and my wife says I am less irritable. I would highly recommend to anyone with tinnitus. It really has helped with nothing else did. Thanks again.”