5 Reasons to try Neurofeedback Training

The word is out and awareness is spreading about the fascinating field of Neurofeedback training. If you are looking to enhance your brain's performance, flexibility and resilience, then you might consider finding a provider in your area. Here are the top reasons you might consider training your brain. 


Many people struggle with being able to let go and focus on relaxing. This would be considered an internal battle between the sympathetic nervous system, known as body’s stress response system, which prepares us for fight/flight/freeze moments, and the parasympathetic nervous system, which is involved in relaxing the body and returning to homeostasis. NeurOptimal(R) Neurofeedback training provides moment to moment feedback to the brain about how it is functioning which allows the brain to self-regulate.

Mental Fitness

               The benefits of essential oils, massage, mindfulness, yoga, meditation, and Neurofeedback training are practices that show strong support for mental fitness and personal transformation. NeurOptimal(R) Neurofeedback supports the brain in its ability to find calm and comfort. When the brain is able to recover from stressful situations, or improve its flexibility and resilience, clients report they have more good days than bad and they are able to manage stress more effectively using coping strategies they have learned for general improved health and wellness.


               When the brain isn’t able to reach the deep restorative stages of sleep, impairments for many aspects of daily functioning will occur.  A brain that can fall asleep, stay asleep and wake refreshed will show improvements in multiple areas of functioning including attention, memory, alertness, reaction time, behavior, mental health concerns, immune system function, and help the body respond to stress more effectively.  Sleep management, including healthy sleep habits are improved as a result of training with NeurOptimal(R) Neurofeedback.

Enhance learning capacity

               We all forget things at times, but when our forgetting, or memory impedes learning, we have a bigger problem. Memory is a very complicated process that we depend on daily to function and is imperative as we age. In order for learning to occur, the bottom and top parts of our brain must work together. If we are emotionally aroused, the bottom parts of our brain take over and do not allow the top part of our brain to process or have access to incoming information. The process of encoding memory thus requires a brain to be functioning in a state of calm, otherwise, the brain is functioning in a state of alarm, panic, and emotional reactivity and therefore memory is impaired. NeurOptimal(R) Neurofeedback improves instruction following concentration, problem-solving, multitasking, resource management, logic, pattern-recognition and hand-eye coordination.

Exercise your brain

               The benefits of physical exercise is powerful for both our brain and body. Research suggests that exercising the body and brain can improve energy, mood, focus, outlook, metabolism, and reduce stress.  During the training session, your brain is learning and responding. Exercising the brain has numerous cognitive benefits relating to performance, but also has important anti-aging benefits. We offer a brain training program that requires no sweat, no effort and is pleasantly relaxing, so what are you waiting for? Come and exercise your brain.