What age can you begin training?

There are no age requirements to do training. We work with both children and adults ranging from 4-94.

Am I able to take my medications while training?

YES. Neurofeedback training does not interfere with any medication. We highly encourage you to continue taking all medications as prescribed and continue to monitor those medications with the counsel of your prescribing physician. 

Are there side effects to Neurofeedback training?

There are NO unpleasant side effects from NeurOptimal (R) Neurofeedback training, because our training is only offering information to the brain, so it can self-regulate using it’s own resources.

Do I need to bring anything to my sessions?

Just bring yourself.

In the case you think you might want to do an activity, you may bring a book to read, magazine, puzzle, game or other activity such as crochet or needle point that can be done while sitting. We have coloring books that many enjoy. Children can bring any craft type project to be done as long as it does not require standing and moving around, they may also bring homework. We have some options for younger kids if they forget to bring an activity.

How is this different from programs like Lumosity?

 Lumosity brain training games are games that advertise specific skills which are addressed in their games. Those games do not provide any form of feedback regarding the functioning of the central nervous system. They are simply games that focus on certain skills.

NeurOptimal (R) Neurofeedback training provides information regarding how your brain is functioning and allows the brain to change in response to that feedback. It is not a game and is considered learning for the brain.

The words "brain training" are used in many different contexts online. Some references are specific to games, while others are a form of cognitive rehabilitation.

Why has my doctor not recommended this form of training?

Your doctor or healthcare provider may not be familiar with Neurofeedback training because their medical training did not provide this knowledge to them. We are happy to help educate and explain how our training program works, should your provider have questions about our specific NeurOptimal (R) Dynamical (R) Neurofeedback training we provide at Brain Fitness.

Does this work the same way as music therapy?

No. This is not a music therapy program. Music therapy is done by licensed professionals who set specific goals and implement interventions to address specific needs through music. 

NeurOptimal (R) Neurofeedback uses music as the means of providing the feedback to the brain only; the technician is not making any changes or adjustments to the music.

Is Neurofeedback covered by insurance?

 Brain Fitness, LLC provides Neurofeedback as a training program and is not considered a covered medical or mental health treatment or therapy.

Just as a gym membership or educational tutoring services are not covered medical expenses, but may benefit many people, the same is true for NeurOptimal(R) Neurofeedback training.