What others are saying about their experience.



“Improved self-control, grades have improved, his teachers report he is listening and paying closer attention, less forgetful and emotional outbursts at the end of the day are very infrequent. Thank you for helping us!”  

“Our daughter is now able to attend sleepovers and have play dates without becoming stressed. She has even made some new friends at school and her teacher reports she is participating in class discussions. She gives us frequent hugs now and we are having conversations with ease. Her nail biting has decreased. We can’t thank you enough for the changes we see in her. We love her smile and new found confidence.”

“ No more afternoon meltdowns.”

“My child can wear jeans and doesn’t fuss over every article of clothing.”

“Our family enjoyed our first vacation without fighting, meltdowns and much less bribery.”

Bus Driver: “ Is this the same child as last year? Keep doing what you are doing!”


“My performance in school has improved allowing me to become more focused and disciplined with daily tasks.”

“I have passed all my classes, had no tardy detentions for the entire semester.”

“Passed the driver’s ed course and feel more confident learning to drive.”

“Mornings are more peaceful at home; no more nagging to wake up and get ready.”

Sports coach: “Improvements in overall performance, focus and hand-eye coordination are significantly noticeable.”

“My daughter went to prom with her friends. She has never worn a dress, heels or attended a social event in her life until now. Thank you!”

“I was only absent one day all semester; no more leaving early feeling horrible.”


“I can now “push the pause button” and introduce logic into my decision making instead of becoming intensely upset.” 

“ I feel peaceful for the first time in years.”

“I can take my children to the grocery store, remain calm and remember all items on my list.”

“I no longer need my afternoon nap.”

“Productivity at work has improved significantly, I rarely feel overwhelmed.”

“Confidence to step outside my comfort zone and secure a job in a new field.”