We offer NeurOptimal(R) Neurofeedback Training, an advanced brain training program that has been designated as a General Wellness Product by the FDA.

Our brain training program works to provide information to the brain in a non-linear format that it can easily understand. That way, the brain does all the training on its own, using its own natural resources. 

Some neurofeedback systems work by mapping the brain. These often require a diagnosis of the brain in order to set a training protocol for “pushing or pulling” brain wave frequencies to a “standard” brain. NeurOptimal(R) Neurofeedback training does not require special brain mapping or a diagnosis to begin training. 

Simply put, we help each brain be the best it can be—nothing added. 

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What you can expect from our office:

We want you to look forward to your appointments each week, so we’re proud to provide you with a relaxing and welcoming environment where you can let go of stress and unwind.

Our office is unique and designed to address sensory processing needs for creating a sense of calm for our clients' comfort in mind. We’re ready to accommodate your individual needs.

Our certified trainers are experienced with children, teens and adults.

We offer two training options for your convenience.

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in office appointments

We welcome children, teens and adults, ages 4-94 in our Fishers office location.

  • Flexible appointment scheduling.

  • Sensory friendly and relaxing environment.

  • Pay as you train, no long term commitment.

  • Appointment duration is 45 minutes.

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train at Home rentals

Train at home using the same equipment that we use in our office. We teach you how to set up the system and practice a hookup in our office before you take the system home.

  • Unlimited monthly sessions allows your entire

    family to train.

  • No long term contract-rent month to month if you like.

  • 24/7 support during your rental period.

Not sure what to choose? No worries!

We offer free phone consultations to answer questions and help you determine a plan that best fits your needs.

*And don’t forget to ask about how you can purchase a NeurOptimal(R) system.

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What others are say about their experience

“Improved self-control, grades have improved, his teachers report he is listening and paying closer attention, less forgetful and emotional outbursts at the end of the day are very infrequent. Thank you for helping us!”

“Passed the driver’s ed course and feel more confident learning to drive.”

“Mornings are more peaceful at home; no more nagging to wake up and get ready.”

Sports coach: “Improvements in overall performance, focus and hand-eye coordination are significantly noticeable.”

“I can now “push the pause button” and introduce logic into my decision making instead of becoming intensely upset.” 

“ I feel peaceful for the first time in years.”

“I can take my children to the grocery store, remain calm and remember all items on my list.”

“I no longer need my afternoon nap.”